2014: C-Fiesta bevallen van een gezond merrie veulen van Rousseau (v: Ferro)

C-Fiesta, sister of 2 approved stallions at Intermed level, has given birth at 17 April to a healthy filly of Rousseau (F: Ferro).

Here the filly is just 5 days old.

C-Fiesta comes out of one of the best marelines of Germany. The Olympic horses Cafe au Lait and Classico from Karin Rehbein and the Stallions Don Schufro and Don Primero come out of the direct line of C-Fiesta.

Father Rousseau (v: Ferro) was Champion of the Dutch National Championship as a 4 yr old and Reserve Champion as a 5 yr old. Also he was silver medalist in 2003 at the World Champions for young horses. He produced three consecutive Champions of the KWPN stallion Licensing. Wamberto (2006), Blue horse Zack (2007), Ampere (2008) and in Germany the first stallion were approved, eg. Rousseau Noir.

26-05-2014 2014: Royal Marchen (v: Rubin Royal) is vrijdag ochtend 23 Mei bevallen van een merrie veulen (v: Rousseau)
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